Savusavu Fiji - The Hidden Paradise

"One Conclusion, reached as ‘Eureka’s’ bows pressed ever westward during the four years of her circumnavigation, was fully substantiated; there are no more peaceful cruising grounds than those of the south west Pacific, and those of Fiji are second to none."

Captain Mike Calder RAN (retd) former Hydrographer
of the Royal Australian Navy

Fiji, with its many scenic islands, is one of the most distinctive and beautiful areas in the world. Fiji is blessed with a mild climate, abundant sea life, tropical waters and excellent sailing conditions. The blue sky and crystal clear waters of Fiji are warmed year-round by a gentle sun. Add to this the numerous fascinating tours, modern facilities and locals known for their humour and hospitality and it is easy to see why Fiji is such a popular cruising destination.

Yacht Destination Savusavu on the south part of Vanua Levu, the second largest island in the Fiji group, is exposed to the gentle warmth and freshness of the south easterly trade winds and enjoys a sunny tropical climate with occasional refreshing showers. Tourist development is confined to a local hotel and a handful of carefully integrated beach resorts on a wooded and hilly peninsula. A small airstrip lies one mile away and allows quick and easy connection to international flights at Nadi airport on the main island of Viti Levu.

Known to the locals as Hidden Paradise it nestles on the shores of a large picturesque deep-water harbour that ranks among the world’s finest natural harbours. It is said to offer the best cruising, fishing and diving anywhere in the South Pacific. Originally established as a centre for sailing ships plying the coastline for cargoes of sandalwood and bêche de mer, it later became the centre of the cotton boom.

It has now been a Port of Entry for yachts since April 1998 and in 1999 232 foreign yachts entered Fiji through Savusavu. It has gained the reputation of having the friendliest clearance personnel in Fiji.

Today, Savusavu remains much as it did in its ‘heyday’. The hustle and bustle of progress appears to have passed it by. Savusavu’s economy now relies on copra and the township serves the major coconut-producing region of Fiji. Day temperatures range from 26 – 30 degrees C year round.

The Hibiscus highway stretches 70 miles up the coast from Savusavu, offering some of the finest and most unspoiled scenery in the South Pacific. The Trans-insular road across to the main town of Labasa offers breathtaking mountain views and indigenous rain forest. The atmosphere of the past lingers on everywhere amongst a natural and friendly population.

Still quaintly some twenty years behind the rest of the country, Savusavu is slowly & quietly becoming recognised as the sailing, adventure & eco centre of Fiji. There is a little of everything to offer in this unique port town.

This is why the Savusavu Village Marina location in ‘Hidden Paradise’ is different. It can truly claim to be exceptional in that it combines all of the most desirable features that the discerning investor could expect. In an exceptionally well protected bay it is fringed by mango and palm tree covered islands opposite the anchorage and tropical vegetation clads the high hills behind the marina village. Living coral abounds in the bay and supports myriad varieties of tropical fish. The local villages remain typical of Fijian community life – populated by people whose outgoing and friendly countenance is legendary.

It is difficult to imagine a more desirable place for the yachtsman or property owner who aims for something different and wants to escape from the better known and more commercialised tourist areas of the world. Hidden Paradise is really no exaggeration.

Savusavu – the way the world should be

Savusavu Marina Village
PO Box 186, Savusavu, Fiji Islands
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